Written and Copyright Cherie
This is my own creation, any similarities to other
tutorials is purely coincidental and unintentional.

Go to your PSP folders and in "All Lessons",Add a folder and call it "Plugin Bees" make a new folder name: Installing


1. Before you do anything, you will need to download and install the DLL (Dynamic Link Library) files.

2. Make sure your PSP is completely shut down. Then install the DLLs. Depending on your operating system will depend on were you place the DLL files..

For 98 and older ~ C:\Windows\System folder
For XP C:\Windows\System32 folder
For 2000 C:\WINNT\System32
For XP/Vista/Windows 7 and 8 32Bit ~ C:\Windows\System32 folder
For Windows 7 and 8 64 bit ~ C:\Windows\SysWow64 folder

3. I will show you on mine how I installed them I have a XP.

4. After you installed the DLLs reboot your system.


If you install to many plugins into your PSP it will tend to make your PSP run slower so to avoid that you can upload your plugins to a file that you make and then have your PSP redirect to that particular folder. To that follow the directions below:

Now by now you should have a set of well organized folders on your desktop if you don't then follow this tutorial and get those folders on your desk top. SETTING UP FILE FOLDER TUTORIAL

1. When you open up your file folders on your desktop if you do not see a plugin folder than make one. Mine look like this:

2. This will be the actual folder that you will download your plugins there are again several reasons for doing this. One is to help with the load time in your PSP and the other reason is to help you better organize those plugings. Once your inside your PSP Plugin folder your going to want to add folders in there for every new plugin you add. After you have your plugins installed to your computer you can add each one as you need it. Like the Visman that we will be working on below. It will make its own folder when you upload it but not all of them will do that so your going to want to make a folder for each seperate filters so as not to confuse your PSP Program. So now were going to tell PSP how to find this folder before we start downloading to them.

3. Open up your PSP and go to File/Preferences/File Locations

4. A box will open that looks like this:

5. Make your settings like mine below:

6. Click on the add button

7. A box will open that looks like this: Scroll down until you see your plug ins folder in the 'PSP folders' that is on your desktop. Do not open the Plug Ins folder up just click on it to highlight it. That way your telling PSP that you want it to search everything in that folder including subfolders.

8. Your folder will now show up in the box like below. Just click okay and your done.

9. For now close your psp folder I find that it will avoid problems by shutting it down and starting it up again.

Okay lets practice unzipping plugins and placing them into your PSP Folders on your desk top

1. Okay let's try this filter its Visman Filter, its a free filter that is offered. Click here to download it: DOWNLOAD VISMAN FILTER HERE

2. Unzip it into your PSP Folders, on your desktop. Look for your plugin folders and just save it there.

3. Unzip it in that folder and when you do it will make its own folder. Not all plugins do that but visman is set up for that.

4. The files after they are unzipped will look like this:

5. Now open up your PSP and start a new image.

6. Go to effects/plugins and VM Natural and poof it should be there. If you don't see it reboot your system and try it again. Note that some plugins will show under different name so you may have to look for it in your plugins when you open it.

Installing stand alone Plugins "exe" files

1 . If your plugin is a .exe file, like EyeCandy , double click the icon and follow the prompts to install the plugin. Browse your computer for the file location. Now that you have the 2 dll's installed into your computer it should work fine.

Try dowloanding you can get it here: DOWNLOAD EYECANDY 3.1 HERE Open the Eye Candy 3.1 folder and delete the Eye Candy 4000 folder that was created; this is a trial version and we will be installing the full version next, so the trial version is not needed