Artist unknown
If you are the artist please contact me with proof
and I will remove the graphic

Take Me

Directions for Using our Tourney Pages
The only image you will see is the decorations
Logo and directions will not show up

1st step place your mouse over the link below
and while holding down the left click button
drag your mouse across it until it is highlighted
Once highlighted right click and copy this link:

  • Now go to your Customize Tournament Layout
    Paste the copied code into your Bottom Image Link

    2nd Step Next go back to your Customize Tournament Rules and click in the center box
    Right click in that box and paste the codes into the box
    Go to the bottom of the Customize Tournament Rules page and hit submit and your done
    Rember to change your table settings
    for the different types of tourneys you run

    If you experience problems with my codes, please let me know and I will be glad to help you.